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Rugby League

How Far Can The Female Coach Rise?

Wally Lewis believes a female will coach in the NRL. As sport’s glass ceiling begins to break, Sportette investigates how far the female coach can rise.

The 10 Next Steps for Women’s Rugby League

The easy, yet vital, steps the NRL needs to take to progress Women’s Rugby League and to help the national team, the Jillaroos.

The Women Refereeing the Men – Video

Meet the two women breaking new ground in refereeing Rugby League and the NBL.

The Women Refereeing the Men

Meet the women refereeing the men. They’re breaking new ground in officiating and it could see one become the NRL’s first female referee.

No longer cheering for the NRL’s Cheerleaders

Let’s tell little girls they can hold up a World Cup not fill out a D-cup – why the NRL needs to get rid of cheerleaders.

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