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Michelle Jenneke captured the attention of the world as the “Dancing Hurdler” when a video of her energetic pre-race warm-up dance at the 2012 Junior World Championships in Barcelona went viral and attracted incredible interest and sponsors with her image on magazines and billboards. However, there is much more to than just her dance moves, both on and off the track. Michelle was ahead of her time and her attitude and way of thinking has become the norm for professional sport but the attention and expectation which came with that forced Michelle away from the spotlight…but she’s back and faster than ever before.


Sam Squiers sits down with Supercars drive turned sex worker Renee Gracie. Renee discusses her meteoric rise from go-carts to spearheading an all-female Supercars team. Supercars didn’t bring any financial security, but OnlyFans did, and Renee is very open when it comes to her career switch.


Rugby league star Julia Robinson has been a lightning rod for public opinion in her short but illustrious rugby league career so far. She sat down with Sam Squiers to explain how she found the sport quite late in life and what it’s like having an army lifer for a mum! Julia then explains how she was caught in a social media firestorm simply because she has some very useful muscles.


Opals star Cayla George is just a gem! No topic is off-limits and she goes into great detail on her relationship with Liz Cambage as well as the embarrassingly bad bodysuits from the last Olympics. It’s a story no one has heard before! Cayla talks about leaving home and going to the AIS as a 15 year old, starting out in the green and gold and why she decided to forgo college in the US, despite plenty of offers . The new mum talks about being a mother and professional athlete and opens up about her fertility journey and the unique experience of Torres Strait Island custom adoption, which resulted in her being gifted her baby daughter Pearl.


Sam Squiers welcomes Alyssa Healy back, three years after she appeared on the pilot episode of On Her Game.The Aussie skipper, keeper and star batter gives some behind the scenes recollections of her record-breaking World Cup performance on home soil, including Meg Lanning’s Katy Perry fan-girl moment. She fends off any talk of retirement, and why FOMO means it’ll be a long time yet before she hangs up the pads.


Sam Squiers sits down with Matildas star Chloe Logarzo, who travelled an unconventional path to becoming a regular – and then a star – in the national setup. Chloe walks us through her meteoric rise, before falling prey to what she called a horrendous attitude, which cost her a spot at the 2015 World Cup and derailed her career.She then explains how a football prodigy ends up as a full-time landscaper, and then how she found her way back to playing all around the world, and finding her way to Olympics and World Cups. The Matildas veteran describes why injury has been a blessing, and her thoughts on how far women’s football has come in her long career.


Karen Lunn is among a small group of women who have paved the way for Aussie women golfers in the 21st century, winning major European tour events across a 26 year career including the Women’s British Open. Karen spoke to Sam Squiers about growing up in the country, and the advantages that came with that and heading straight to Europe to pursue her golfing dream. Sam pays tribute to Karen’s contribution to women’s golf in Australia and they discuss what golf needs to do to reverse the trend of losing a younger and female audience to the sport.


Ever wondered how human beings can dive more than 60 metres underwater, without an oxygen tank? Or how you can survive without breathing for six minutes or more? Free diving champion Amber Bourke will answer those questions and many more, as she discusses how she discovered this incredible sport.


With peroxide blonde hair and signature oakley sunglasses Kathy Watt took Australia by storm in the 1990s and 2000s. She’s still the only Aussie to win road cycling gold at the Olympics and in this candid interview she tells Sam Squiers how proud she was to achieve what her late father couldn’t. Kathy opens up about her career,  explaining why a local bike shop came to her rescue at the Barcelona Olympics, when Australia team officials turned her away and opens up on the years of cruel bullying she had to overcome just to compete in the sport she loves.

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