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On Her Game with Sam Squiers

Sportette Founder Sam Squiers and Podcast One Australia present “On Her Game with Sam Squiers” – raw, open and honest conversations with elite female athletes


Australian captain Meg Lanning grew up playing cricket with her sister but it was years before the women’s game was broadcast on television and she realised it could be a career for her. Meg joins host Sam Squiers to discuss becoming captain at 21 years old, feeling like an outsider to her own team and the pressure, and triumph, of the 2020 Women’s World Cup.


Matildas and Arsenal goalkeeper Lydia Williams’  jetsetting life as a professional athlete is a far call from the barefoot young Lydia from the outback who played in the red dirt, had pet kangaroos and a close connection to her indigenous culture. Lydia talks to Sam Squiers about her fascinating upbringing, racism and discrimination, the heartbreaking loss of her father and the massive shift in the women’s game.


After a CrossFit gym opened in her suburb, Kara Saunders fell in love with the sport and now is one of the best (and fittest) in the world. Kara joins Sam Squiers to discuss giving up sport in high school, returning to the sport after the birth of her little girl and what it feels like to be the second fittest woman in the world.


Growing up in regional Queensland taught Laura Geitz resilience and the value of hard work. Laura joins Sam Squiers to discuss being bullied for her height during school, captaining the Queensland Firebirds and Australian Diamonds and what it means to be a Suncorp Team Girls Ambassador.


Turning setbacks into opportunities has been a consistent part of Ash Brazill’s career. Ash joins Sam Squiers to discuss becoming the first woman to play professional netball and AFL, remaining hopeful in spite of missing out on the Australian Diamonds selection and why her wedding went viral.


When an eating disorder stood in the way of Hockeyroo Georgia Wilson’s chance at success, she knew she needed professional help to recover. Georgia joins Sam Squiers to discuss growing up as the “hockey girl”, the impact her eating disorder had on her sporting performance and the value of meditation in managing her mental health.


Paralympic Gold medallist, Ellie Cole, started swimming as rehabilitation after her left leg was amputated due to cancer. Ellie joins Sam Squiers to discuss growing up with a prosthetic limb, returning to the pool and winning Gold after a double shoulder reconstruction and why she gifted her niece an Ellie Cole Barbie.


Facing her fear of failure empowered Felicity Palmateer to conquer some of the world’s biggest waves. Flick joins Sam Squiers to discuss why she ditched her pro tour ambitions to be a big wave surfer, how she keeps herself calm during a wipe out, and what she’d like to say to her Mum if she had the chance.


As a child, all Ellia Green wanted to do was impress her Mum. Ellia joins Sam Squiers to chat about dealing with discrimination as a young kid, winning gold at the 2016 Rio Olympics and the heartbreaking loss of her mother recently.

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