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Superstar of Australian swimming, Bronte Campbell, dreamed of being an Olympic champion since she was 7 years old. Bronte made the national Dolphins team when she was 17 and has retained her place for the past ten years and three Olympics.

In that time, Bronte has won gold at the Olympics, Commonwealth Games, World Championships and Pan Pacific Championships and at the Tokyo Games she was part of the team that broke the women’s 4x100m freestyle record.

Bronte joins host Sam Squiers to discuss growing up in Malawi before relocating to Brisbane as a 7-year-old, what she’s learned from growing up with her younger brother Hamish who has cerebral palsy, the constant comparison to her older sister Cate, overcoming chronic pain to swim a career-best at the 2018 Commonwealth Games and the culture of swimming in light of the recent review into the sport.


Proving her innocence against claims she took performance enhancing drugs has been one of the toughest fights of Shayna Jack’s career. But now that she’s back in the pool, Shayna is ready to do whatever it takes to reach the top again.

Shayna Jack is a Commonwealth Games gold medallist but in 2019, at the peak of her career, Shayna’s world came crashing down when a banned substance was found in a routine drug test. Shayna spent the next two and a half years and over $100,000 proving her innocence before she was finally allowed to swim again this year.

Shayna joins host Sam Squiers to discuss winning gold in a star-studded relay team at the 2018 Commonwealth Games, training with legendary coach Dean Boxall, the lengths she went to to prove her innocence and her resolve to reach the peak of her swimming career again in spite of the years she spent out of the pool.


Coming second in the 100m backstroke final at the Rio Olympics made Emily Seebohm realise a Gold medal wasn’t going to change her life. Emily joins Sam to discuss her battle with endometriosis and an eating disorder, overcoming Swine Flu before the Beijing Olympics and the pressure of staying in the Australian swim team when the whole world is watching.

Is This Australia’s Toughest Swimmer? She’s No Darling of the Pool

You may not have heard of Chloe McCardle but the marathon swimmer will go down in sport’s history books. She may be low key but she’s tough as they come.

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