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Episode 1 – Cricket’s Big Pay Day & Where to Now for the AFLW

Cricket Australia boss James Sutherland talks money, maternity leave and making cricket a welcome sport for women, plus looking ahead at the future of the AFLW. Sam Squiers takes a look at all the big issues facing women in sport

New Women in Sport Podcast: Why Nine’s Latest Move is So Important

Sportette Founder Sam Squiers is hosting Channel 9’s new Women in Sport podcast – why it’s so important for both Sam and the sporting landscape.

Golf Is Driving Women Away As Numbers Hit Rock Bottom

More women are dropping out of golf. It’s a global trend and you won’t believe how bad the numbers are!

Jillaroos Answer Every Mum’s Questions About Their Girls Playing Rugby League

Jillaroos Sam Bremner and Bec Young answer the common concerns & misconceptions for parents when their daughter wants to play rugby league.

These Women Are Athletes – So Why do They Have to Defend their bodies?

When Crossfit star Emily Abbott was forced to defend her body to a Tinder date it sparked a worldwide debate about strength & body image in female athletes.

The Poster that Nails it About Women’s Cricket

There’s a poster going around cricket clubs that perfectly sums up a misconception about women’s cricket.

AFL Women’s League – Let’s Put This Into Perspective

The AFL Women’s League blew expectations right out of the over-crowded parks this weekend, but there were some critics, so we’ve put things into perspective

REVIEW: SKINS K-Proprium Range – “This Product is Not for Everyone”

Sportette reviews the latest range from SKINS, the K-Propriums before they’re released in Australia. They come with the warning “This Product’s Not For Everyone”.

Equal Pay for Rugby 7s Players? What More do these Women have to do?

As World Champions, Olympic Champions, role models and a publicity dream, what more do these women have to do?

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