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Dear Me, There’s something I have to tell you

Paralympian, author & founder of “Join the Revolution” campaign Jessica Salamati (nee Smith) is on a mission to empower young women. In a moving and gripping letter she sends a powerful message to her younger self.

Running Essentials

Sportette has spent the last few months road testing key products that are essentials when running. They’ve been put through marathons, fun runs, torrential rain and scorching summer heat in order to deliver you our findings and recommendations.

What you need to know about the Women’s State of Origin

Former Jillaroo Jo Barrett gives you the history, the players…everything you need to know ahead of the Women’s Interstate Challenge

Strong is the New Pretty – Editorial

Sportette is launching a new campaign with female athletes that aims to empower & redefining ideas of beauty in our young girls. Why we believe Strong is the New Pretty is an important message for the next generation.

Melissa Barbieri’s Fight to be Mother and Matilda

When Melissa Barbieri became a mother, she had no idea she’d have to fight a system just to play again. Now, at 35, she’s headed for her 4th World Cup.

Surfing’s Girl Next Door – Laura Enever

Surfer Laura Enever is a self-confessed adrenalin junkie chasing big waves & big thrills in & out of the water, yet has her feet firmly on the ground.

Punch’n Jude

The entertaining and uplifting story of the 45 year old actress from Mudgee who became a World Boxing Champion.

How to Put Women’s Sport Back on the Map

Sportette’s recommendations to improving the state of women’s sports in the media. Sports organisations, players, fans & the media can all do more.

How To Get The Most Out Of Your Compression Clothing

Sportette road tests SKINS compression clothing and has all the secrets and tips to getting the most out of your compression wear

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