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Basketball superstar Lauren Jackson tells Sam Squiers what it was like to come back and play at a World Cup at 41 years of age, six years after retiring! Jackson has insisted publicly that the tournament was a one-off return to international competition, but she hints at the possibility of another – for Paris 2024. She also goes into details about her relationship with Liz Cambage, her life-changing professional stint playing in Russia and why she needed a girdle and g-string to play in the Opals’ iconic bodysuits. Lauren opens up on her awkwardness as a teenager, how she struggled to make representative teams and how she coped with home sickness when she was drafted number one overall in the WNBA Draft.


Sandy Brondello is an icon of Australian basketball. First as a player and then a successful coach, she was a key contributor to the Opals’ golden era and now leads the national side as well as the New York Liberty in the WNBA. In this episode, Sandy speaks with host Sam Squiers about: Successes and failures in a glittering career playing in the green and gold. the controversy surrounding former Opals star Liz Cambage, juggling motherhood with elite sport, Lauren Jackson’s remarkable return to competitive basketball & Brittney Griner’s imprisonment in Russia


Two years before the Rio Olympics Chloe Dalton Googled “list of Olympic sports” and switched from professional basketball to the Australian Rugby 7’s team to take a chance at  winning a gold medal. Chloe joins Sam Squiers to discuss achieving her Olympic gold medal dream, managing anxiety and insomnia alongside professional sport and what she wants to achieve with The Female Athlete Project.

If it’s the AFLW why not AFLM? Could a name change see gender equality in sport?

There’s a distinct language barrier that’s impeding equaity for women’s sports. What’s in a name? Well, actually a lot!

Will Basketball Change its Parenting Policy?

Abby Bishop is back in the Opals squad after being forced out because of BA’s controversial policy. Will it change? We catch up with the star following an incredible year both on & off the court.

Seen and Heard – It’s Time to Speak Up

Nothing will change unless something is said & action taken. Recent events show Women in Sport need to find their voice and be seen AND heard.

Sportette’s Annual Women in Sport Wish List

Sportette has asked the most influential athletes and administrator their wish for the women in their sport for next year and in five years.

Dark Day for Women’s Sport – Why You Should Care

Cutting the broadcast of Women’s basketball & soccer would see the sports decline to levels not seen in decades – the long term affects will be devastating.

Sandy Brondello’s Shock at the Women’s Game in Australia

WNBA Coach of the Year Sandy Brondello has played & coached at the highest level but says the women’s game in Australia hasn’t developed & isn’t promoted the way it should.

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