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Tour de France


Commonwealth gold medallist Rochelle Gilmore tells Sam Squiers what it was like growing up with ultimate freedom to do as she pleased, and how that helped shape the athlete she became. The champion cyclist discusses getting scouted in her early teens and moving to Europe when she was just 16, and opens up about the death of her great friend Amy Gillett. She talks about breaking the ‘Bridesmaid’ hoodoo and finally getting her hands on gold, as well as the pioneering work she’s done for women’s cycling. Finally, she goes into incredible detail about planning to climb Mount Everest, and the dangers she’s already faced.

Behind the Scenes of La Course with OricaAIS

Sportette is inside the OricaAIS camp for the Women’s Tour de France for a behind the scenes perspective on the race

Women’s Tour de France Needs You

There have been plenty of attempts at a Women’s Tour de France in the past but this is the first in the social media era – how you can ensure it’s not scrapped again!

A New Road Ahead for Women’s Cycling

Should there be a women’s Tour de France…? What the UCI needs to do to ensure this event doesn’t go the way of previous attempts.

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