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Rugby league star Julia Robinson has been a lightning rod for public opinion in her short but illustrious rugby league career so far. She sat down with Sam Squiers to explain how she found the sport quite late in life and what it’s like having an army lifer for a mum! Julia then explains how she was caught in a social media firestorm simply because she has some very useful muscles.


NRLW star Karina Brown speaks to Sam Squiers about her life in rugby league.

As a young girl she had to convince teachers to let her play with the boys (4:50), as a young woman she had to find a league that would let her tackle other women and now she’s trying to make the world a more inclusive place. Karina is also a proud gay Queensland woman who opens up about THAT kiss in 2018, when she embraced her then-NSW-girlfriend on the field after a State of Origin clash (28:19). If that wasn’t enough, she also address the Manly boycott saga and doesn’t pull any punches! (38:25). Part B will be available on Saturday, August 6. Karina tells  how she came to record the hit song (1:01), ‘She’s got confidence’, with Jess Harlen and what it’s like playing a game and performing on stage at the same time! Karina also explains the impact of having so many female hero athletes bursting on to the scene as well as the NRLW’s lofty aims for expansion (10:55).


Before Tallisha Harden represented Australia in three sports, she was a self-confessed book nerd who played in the school brass band and was better at ten pin bowling than ball sports.

Growing up, Tallisha suffered from chronic middle ear infections which meant she stayed on the sidelines of most sports. But she was tall, so when a teacher picked her out to join the local volleyball team, Tallisha said yes, unknowingly starting her career in sport.

Tallisha represented Australia in volleyball and Rugby 7’s before switching to rugby league where she’s at the top of her game as a Jillaroo and Brisbane Bronco in the NRLW.

Tallisha joins host Sam Squiers to discuss growing up in Woodridge in Brisbane’s Logan area, how she educated herself about her Indigenous culture, her passion for speech pathology and what she wants the future to look like for the NRLW.

35. ALI BRIGGINSHAW – The Puma Fearless Series

Jillaroos and Brisbane Broncos captain Ali Brigginshaw wants the women’s game to become professional. Growing up as the only girl in the boys’ team, Ali was told she had no future in the sport so she never imagined she could turn rugby league into a career. Ali joins Sam Squiers to discuss fighting for the growth of the women’s game, why it’s important for young boys to look up to female athletes and how a photo of her kissing her girlfriend on the sidelines ended up in the paper.


Before Hannah Southwell played in the inaugural NRLW season, she’d already made a name for herself playing soccer and Rugby 7s. Hannah joins Sam Squiers to discuss the pressure of being the youngest goalkeeper in the W-League, rebuilding her confidence after losing her spot on the 7s team and why you’ll never see her playing without headgear.


Missing out on the 2016 Rio Olympics was devastating for Tiana Penitani but led her down a different sporting path. Tiana joins Sam Squiers to discuss the impact of losing her father as a teenager, the injury that took her away from the 2016 Olympics and falling in love with rugby league.

The Good, The Bad and The What’s Next from the NRL’s Plan for a Women’s Competition

It’s an historic day for the NRL as the Women’s League is announced. We break it all down for you – did the NRL get it right?

Episode 10 – Jillaroos star Sam Bremner

Jillaroos star Sam Bremner tells how she almost lost her inspirational father in a devastating coal mining accident. The experience has shaped her into the tough footballer she is today.

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When will the NRL have a professional Women’s competition? When will we see women on the Origin stage? Renaming the Dally M & Interstate Challenge – we put it all to NRL CEO Todd Greenberg in this exclusive interview.

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