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With peroxide blonde hair and signature oakley sunglasses Kathy Watt took Australia by storm in the 1990s and 2000s. She’s still the only Aussie to win road cycling gold at the Olympics and in this candid interview she tells Sam Squiers how proud she was to achieve what her late father couldn’t. Kathy opens up about her career,  explaining why a local bike shop came to her rescue at the Barcelona Olympics, when Australia team officials turned her away and opens up on the years of cruel bullying she had to overcome just to compete in the sport she loves.


Commonwealth gold medallist Rochelle Gilmore tells Sam Squiers what it was like growing up with ultimate freedom to do as she pleased, and how that helped shape the athlete she became. The champion cyclist discusses getting scouted in her early teens and moving to Europe when she was just 16, and opens up about the death of her great friend Amy Gillett. She talks about breaking the ‘Bridesmaid’ hoodoo and finally getting her hands on gold, as well as the pioneering work she’s done for women’s cycling. Finally, she goes into incredible detail about planning to climb Mount Everest, and the dangers she’s already faced.


Riding the professional cycling circuit through some of the most picturesque places in the world looks like a dream life. But the reality of pay inequality and being taken seriously as a female athlete is far less glamorous.

Tiffany joins host Sam Squiers to discuss: The talent ID program that got her into cycling in high school, Why she can still have a successful race even if she’s not on the podium, The growth of women’s cycling and the upcoming women’s Tour de France and Meeting her partner, Finnish F1 driver Valtteri Bottas, how she started designing helmets for him and why it’s not uncommon to see him on the side of the road handing out water bottles to her teammates


An off-road vehicle accident threatened not only Caroline Buchanan’s career in BMX and mountain bike riding, but her life. Caroline joins Sam Squiers to discuss competing at the BMX World Championships at nine years old, how she used breathing to stay calm during a gruelling four hour trip to hospital with life-threatening injuries and her two year recovery to get back into sport.


Weeks before Georgia Baker was set to pursue her dream competing overseas, she lost her dad to a sudden heart attack. Georgia joins Sam Squiers to discuss how she grieved the loss of her dad, the accident that threatened her team’s chances at the Rio Olympics and why her best riding has come after being diagnosed with a genetic heart condition.

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