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These Women Are Athletes – So Why do They Have to Defend their bodies?

When Crossfit star Emily Abbott was forced to defend her body to a Tinder date it sparked a worldwide debate about strength & body image in female athletes.

Plus Size Women Don’t Want You Either Lorna Jane

Plus size athlete Leah Gilbert hits back at Lorna Jane’s refusal to cater for all shapes and sizes in her activewear stores.

Sportette’s Body Love List

Sick of being asked what you hate about your body? As part of our Strong is the New Pretty Campaign we’re calling on women to tell us what they love instead

Dear Me, There’s something I have to tell you

Paralympian, author & founder of “Join the Revolution” campaign Jessica Salamati (nee Smith) is on a mission to empower young women. In a moving and gripping letter she sends a powerful message to her younger self.

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