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Running Essentials

Sportette has spent the last few months road testing some of your everyday essentials for running. We’ve tested them through marathons, fun runs, worn them in torrential rain and in the scorching summer heat in order to recommend them to our readership. We back every product we recommend, we weren’t paid for this article, but bring it to you as we believe in these running products.


New Balance Fresh Foam Zante Running Shoes:

Two pairs of these shoes were worn throughout a 17 week training period for the Great Ocean Road Marathon. That training comprised of some gruelling 30kms runs and we were clocking around 60 kms per week. They were also worn on Race Day, all 44kms of it.

They’re light, comfortable, supportive, durable and allow for a natural movement of your foot, which help you in the long term avoid injury. I managed to get through the whole marathon training and race with no injuries and credit these shoes for that.

Retail $150-$160.


Oiselle GPS Watch from Fivemore Active:

The thing I love about the Oiselle GPS watch – its simplicity.

Call me old school but there are just four things I want from my running watch, time, odometer, pace and distance. These days watches are getting really advanced, but sometimes in a bid to out gagetise the others on the market they’re offering functions which move away from the intended purpose.

For me, I want to run. I want to measure that run. Oiselle does that, with ease.

It’s non bulky and user friendly. You can easily switch through the modes to choose what you want to display.

It’s light weight, sleek looking and easy to recharge, slipping off the armband which doubles as a USB. The battery life is long and the retail price of $150 makes them one of the most affordable GPS Sports Watches on the market.

The watch is also Strava compatible – a big bonus.

This is a brand that is serious about women in sport. And this gadget is perfectly suited to REAL women in sport.

Retail: $150


BOSE SoundSport In-Ear Headphones:

I used to be pretty happy about my iPod earphones and used to wonder why people bought specific earbuds…until I tried the Bose SoundSport headphones! These little buds of running joy are incredible.

They are lightweight and super comfortable, it’s like they were moulded to your ears. The sound quality coming from them is extremely high, it’s like having a crystal clear sound system in your ear. There are controls on the cord to easily change the volume while you run and the buds don’t slip out of your ear once you work up a sweat – there are three sizes as well.

The headphones come in a cool durable case and they are compatible with your iPhone or Samsung phone as well, should you receive a call while out on a run.

They retail at $159 but the quality and comfort of these buds make them well worth the price, especially if you’re planning a lot of solo runs in your training.

Retail: $159


Lululemon Sports Bras (Run Stuff Your Bra II) & Tank Top (Run: Swiftly Tech Racerback):

One must protect thy boobs. If not for now, then for thy future self (when gravity isn’t so kind). And let’s be honest, running doesn’t help. All that bouncing, pressure and movement means anything over a B cup is in massive danger. Unless, of course, you have one of Lululemon’s sports bras. They’re tight, supportive and comfortable with a feminine shape, that doesn’t make you feel like you’re wearing a teenager’s training bra.

Lululemon uses a great breathable material (Luxetreme) that allows maximum sweat without feeling uncomfortable and smelly. They came in a range of fashionable fabrics too, so it doesn’t matter if their straps don’t hide easily under your running shirt.

Oh and there are three sneaky pockets in the front to put your keys or supplies in too!

Retail: $65

Lululemon ‘s Tanks use a Silverescent fabric that allow for maximum sweat without feeling sticky or uncomfortable. It’s moisture wicking construction pulls sweat away from the body.

The tanks have a great shape but are loose enough not to annoy you while you run. They don’t ride up as you stride out and the material doesn’t chafe on long runs!

Retail: $59


Lululemon Run Speed Shorts:

How hard is it to find good running shorts?! I LOVE these shorts so much I just don’t know where to start. Super comfy with a great breathable Swift Ultra fabric which is both light and sweat-wicking.

They come in two lengths to suit those with long and shorter legs. There are vents at the back to keep you cool and they don’t ride up while you run too, so no more grabbing at the bottom of your shorts pulling them down! There’s a great thick comfortable waistband at the top, which doesn’t dig in while you run.

There’s also three pockets, one fabulous one at the back, which has a zipper and is the perfect size to fit your iPhone for those who want to run with their phone (to Strava it mainly!). There are two smaller pockets on the inside too where you can put your gels or anything else you need on your run.

Retail $65


SKINS Compression Pants:

Sportette has completed a full review of SKINS compression pants in the lifestyle section and highly recommend them to all runners.

Their greatest benefit is with recovery, using them after a long run will dramatically decrease your recovery time. The compression increases blood flow to the muscles, meaning they’re able to repair sooner and have you back training before you know it.

Sleeping in your SKINS is a big tip. This is the time when your body does the most of its recovery and it can do that more efficiently with your SKINS on.

This is a must-have for any runner!

Retail $139.99 – $179.99

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