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Ride in Style – Road-Testing Cipolla Cycling Kits

Shopping for a new cycling kit can be up there on the difficult scale with jeans and bikini shopping.

It can be hard to find that right one that’s comfortable, stylish, practical but doesn’t make your bum look too big! After endless searching (and a patience that’s waring thin), most of us end up dumping the idea of a new look and resort back to the practical and plain go-to kit.

But before you apply the brakes, check out Cipolla Cycling first!

Sportette has had the pleasure of road testing their debut range of kits for the past two months and we’re impressed, obsessed and more than willing to recommend them to female cyclists.

Here’s why:


These guys get it. Sometimes cycling companies feel the need to over-complicate their designs as though the more out-there the print and style, the more appealing they’ll be. Less is totally best and these guys have created a simple, elegant and classy style of kit that turns heads for the right reasons. It’s not over branded, is understated and is the kind of kit you’re shamelessly excited to go for a ride just to wear it, like a 5 year old who can’t wait to wear her new party dress.

The Bella Figura kit with its light pink colour, pale blue strip on the sleeves and matching socks are our absolute favourites.




The Black kit is another fav, the matching socks add a sophisticated touch that’s been lacking in many other kit styles.

The Blue and Black kits have men’s versions of the same kit. Although I’m not a huge fan of kits that have the same style for men as women, it is something that suits clubs or riding groups who want to keep the look the same. The shape of the women’s kit is completely different to the men’s though, with a custom female cut and they do feature a few cool subtle differences, like the mesh edge on the arms for the women’s kit (which I absolutely love).




Comfort factor is huge here. The fabrics are discussed below but are light and breathable and feel almost silky on the skin. It’s a quality you can definitely feel in both the materials used and the way they’re cut. The jerseys don’t ride up while on the bike and shape well to all body types, importantly is longer at the back. The bib shorts are the perfect length and have the raw edge silicone leg gripper on the end – geez I love this so much more than elastic ones where they pinch the skin forming leg rolls you didn’t know you had – nobody likes leg rolls!

The braces on the bib shorts are awesome, they feature a comfortable, wide strap with just the right amount of tension (not too tight to give an unwanted wedgie, not too loose to feel like it’s about to slip off!).




Their website says it’s “Bioceramic material, anatomic, bielastic, breathable, antistatic, UPF 50+ (ultraviolet protecting factor).” But we just say it’s bloody comfortable, flexible and durable. There’s a cool mesh strip around the arms which add a touch of elegance as well as practicability given it doesn’t squeeze around your arms and feels comfortable and light on your skin.



Jerseys will set you back $160 and the bib shorts $230. They’re not the cheapest on the market, but they’re not in the highest range either. It’s the quality you’re paying for and in this case that includes style and durability.

This is Cipolla’s first season and we can’t wait to see what’s next!


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