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Road testing lululemon’s Workout Bras


Channel 9 Reporter and Crossfit gun Brittney Kleyn road tests lululemon sports bras. PHOTO: Mitch Reyes

Underwear is a touchy subject. But add the bounce of a box jump, the sensitive spring of a sprint or the potential pounding of a pull-up. We love the girls but let’s be honest, when it comes to a workout, they CAN be a handicap. 

I must here put a disclaimer. I’m your standard C Cup, but alas there are experts out there perfecting the equation for every bust size – big and small. The following advice comes from a Crossfitter, where no movement or impact is off limits. Save the sexy, more flattering thin straps for another workout.



Brittney puts the bras to the test PHOTO: Mitch Reyes


It’s my pick of from the ever-expanding lululemon line – the brand’s self-proclaimed best bet for “endorphin junkies” (guilty as charged!) The Canadian company’s been perfecting this baby for the better part of a decade, and their hard work IS paying off!

Senior designer Brenda Holmes attests “We love (the Energy Bra) for its all-day comfort.” Now I wouldn’t go as far to say I’d wear this one round the clock, but I’ve road tested this baby through gymnastic-heavy-workouts, a lifting comp, plenty of running – she held her own as a light weight, strong support option. 

The Energy Bra’s also one of the cheaper lulu alternatives. Who says you always get what you paid for. 


Find it here:




Brittney road testing the Invigorate Bra PHOTO: Mitch Reyes

You shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but that’s exactly why I picked this one off the rack. She looked so sleek and streamlined and thankfully, first impressions were lasting ones. The mesh panel on the back’s designed to provide ventilation and I found, when putting her through the Crossfit paces, she did just that. What the Invigorate has up on the Energy is the wide strap (no digging in!) What she lacks is slightly less support than the alternative, she’s also a little more costly (only just!)


Find it here.

Brittney Kleyn is a reporter for Nine News Queensland, and a keen Crossfitter.

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