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Bronte Campbell – the Poet Uncaged

Bronte Campbell may be a world champion swimmer and a star of the Australian Swim Team but underneath the goggles and cap lies an incredible writer, poet and storyteller. At the London Olympics, Bronte shared her poem with the team before racing began; an inspiring and spine tingling account of the big task ahead. Bronte has now shared her poem with Sportette.


Uncaged By Bronte Campbell

The cauldron gurgles its sluggish boil
As breath rises like steam
Muscles tense, stretch and coil
Eyes glazed with a sweaty sheen

Pupils raised to dream-like clouds
Catch the flying thoughts and fears
A whisper, too fragile to speak aloud
The work of a thousand days, the hope of a thousand years

A breath blown through clenched teeth
The circus whirls and blurs all around
And beneath it all a frantic beat
Alive with possibilities yet unfound

And it spins faster with every turning
As nerves steel themselves against the storm
Driven by a mighty, desperate yearning
Fate untrusted, future unformed

And all decided in an angry splash
A rip, a tear, heat and blood
Tension released in a violent dash
The waves pound, the waters flood

A moment passes, hushed and calm
As all eyes turn a searching gaze
The victor raises bloody arms
A fiery dream, at last uncaged

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