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Best Women in Sport Commercials of 2017

Women in sports commercials have certainly come a long way. Gone is the masculine marketing mantra that “sex sells” as more companies are realising that when it comes to women in sport it’s actually strong that sells. The result is an influx of empowering, inspiring, spine tingling ads which have your endorphins pumping, your motivation firing and your pride pulsing through your veins to be a woman.

Here are the best.



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1. Priceline Pharmacy 100% Woman

Stats with sweat!

Priceline announced its commitment to women’s sport with this clever ad which makes you value the sacrifice, fight and determination of female athletes so much more.




2. Rethink Role Models

Technically this came out in 2016 but it’s still having an impact this year and is what was described as the best advertisement ever made about women in sport in Australia. Big call? We don’t think so…watch those goosebumps appear!




3. Rebel Women of the WBBL

Cricket Australia and Rebel Sport released this inspiring series out ahead of the WBBL. Refreshingly real and raw, it tells the stories of our cricket stars. It tackles themes of identity, sacrifice, the juggle of work and professional sport and sexuality. It celebrates difference, showing a variety of athletes in the hope every little girl will find a role model they can relate to and see themselves in.




4. AFLW “I’d Like to See That”

This ad says what every female sports fan has been saying their whole lives “I’d like to see that!”. A remake of a classic 90s AFL commercial, it uses some of the most high profile women and men in the country to throw their support behind the new AFLW and has everyone cheering “finally! We’re seeing that!”.



5. Super Netball – “All on the Line”

It’s all in the look in her eye…she is fierce and she means business. The latest ad for the Suncorp Super Netball Series hit the mark. The title “All on the the Line” summed up the new era the sport was entering; bigger broadcast deal, bigger sponsors, new teams and more pressure than ever before. There’s no fear in their eyes, just like women’s sport in general, these eyes say “we’re ready…bring it on”.





6. Nike – “No Turning Back”

Handcuffs and sport? No it’s not the bad old days all over again! This ad has you scratching your head until the last moment. In short, you don’t ever think you can keep up and do what your hero can do (In this case Olympian Genevieve LaCaze) until you don’t have a choice. Boom!


7. Nike Nails It

We wanted to keep this list to the Australian commercials but were just blown away by the latest Nike Women Series and had to include them. So here you go, prepare to be pumped up girls! We could watch these over and over again!


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