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Opals star Cayla George is just a gem!

No topic is off-limits and she goes into great detail on her relationship with Liz Cambage as well as the embarrassingly bad bodysuits from the last Olympics. It’s a story no one has heard before!

Cayla talks about leaving home and going to the AIS as a 15 year old (7:11), starting out in the green and gold and why she decided to forgo college in the US, despite plenty of offers (14:05).

The new mum talks about being a mother and professional athlete and opens up about her fertility journey (20:56) and the unique experience of Torres Strait Island custom adoption, which resulted in her being gifted her baby daughter Pearl (25:20). She then tells a shocking and hilarious story about the Opals’ bodysuits in Tokyo and just how much they revealed! (48:40) plus why she’s no longer friends with Liz Cambage (52:25).

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