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In Part A, outspoken NRLW star Karina Brown speaks to Sam Squiers about her life in rugby league.

As a young girl she had to convince teachers to let her play with the boys (4:50), as a young woman she had to find a league that would let her tackle other women and now she’s trying to make the world a more inclusive place.

Karina is also a proud gay Queensland woman who opens up about THAT kiss in 2018, when she embraced her then-NSW-girlfriend on the field after a State of Origin clash (28:19).

If that wasn’t enough, she also address the Manly boycott saga and doesn’t pull any punches! (38:25). Part B will be available on Saturday, August 6.

In Part B Karina tells  how she came to record the hit song (1:01), ‘She’s got confidence’, with Jess Harlen and what it’s like playing a game and performing on stage at the same time!

Karina also explains the impact of having so many female hero athletes bursting on to the scene as well as the NRLW’s lofty aims for expansion (10:55).

She also gets a surprise message from a very important person in her life (17:15) and has a very instructive message for her younger self.

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