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Netball’s Childcare is a Game Changer for Women’s Sports

Netball’s new landmark pay deal isn’t just about the money, it’s childcare policy has changed the game for all women’s sports.

11 Women to Watch at the Rio Paralympics

These women will inspire, captivate and have you jumping off the couch cheering them on while shouting at the TV. And they’re just a handful of the amazing athletes competing in the green and gold in Rio.

Why Women’s AFL Isn’t Just Good Business – It’s Big Business

The AFL has one massive marketable product on its hands. When you think of what Women’s AFL has achieved in just 35 years, imagine the next 10.

Golden Girls! How Women’s Rugby has Changed & the Media has Changed Too

Sevens Olympic Gold Medallist Nicole Beck and journalist Sam Squiers reflect on what’s changed in Women’s Rugby since they first met for a story 8 years ago

In Response To Your Complaint About Women in Sport…

When a letter of complaint about female sports reporters & presenters landed on Sportette Founder and Channel 9 Sports Presenter Sam Squiers’ desk she felt compelled to clarify a few things

If it’s the AFLW why not AFLM? Could a name change see gender equality in sport?

There’s a distinct language barrier that’s impeding equaity for women’s sports. What’s in a name? Well, actually a lot!

Finally a Commercial About Women in Sport That Gets It

A new campaign by Samsung calling for people to “Rethink Role Models” captures the essence of Women in Sport. Is this the best commercial ever made for Women in Sport?

7 Questions About Netball’s Landmark New Deal

It’s been hailed a landmark deal for women in sport and Sportette breaks down everything you need to know about the new National Netball League

Why the Brisbane Lions Nailed it With This Powerful Video Used In Their Women’s League Bid

The Brisbane Lions have released a powerful video in their bid for a team in the inaugural AFL National Women’s League to be launched in 2017.

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