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When officials told Alex Blackwell that being gay created an “image problem” for her sport, she refused to hide or back down.

Instead, by standing up as a proud member of the LGBTQIA+ community, Alex has changed the game for women in sport.

On the field Alex set the record for the most number of games played by an Australian woman, which was only recently surpassed by Ellyse Perry. She is an Ashes and World Cup winning captain and the inaugural captain of the Sydney Thunder WBBL side.

Alex joins host Sam Squiers to discuss growing up idolising cricket legend Belinda Clarke before ending up as her teammate, the changes she’s seen cricket go through in its attitude towards female and LGBTQIA+ players and whether being gay held her back from leadership positions.


Muruwari woman Ash Gardner is the second Indigenous woman to play cricket for Australia and her debut came sixty years after the first Indigenous woman, Faith Thomas, played in the 1950’s. Ash joins Sam Squiers to discuss the barriers facing young Indigenous people getting into cricket, winning the 2020 World Cup and the opportunities she’s creating for school kids through the Ashleigh Gardner Foundation.


Australian captain Meg Lanning grew up playing cricket with her sister but it was years before the women’s game was broadcast on television and she realised it could be a career for her. Meg joins host Sam Squiers to discuss becoming captain at 21 years old, feeling like an outsider to her own team and the pressure, and triumph, of the 2020 Women’s World Cup.


Australian wicketkeeper Alyssa Healy joins Sam Squiers on “On Her Game” to chat about growing up playing with boys, the impact of losing her sister as a teenager and how she’s seen women’s cricket change.

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