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“Our Cate” Campbell – I’m Not A Nice Person!

Cate Campbell talks to Sportette about sexism, swimming & the family turmoil that rocked her last Olympics – oh and don’t think she’s a ‘nice’ girl.

Freyathlon – One Woman’s Own Olympic Challenge

41 sports before the closing ceremony of the Rio Games, be inspired by Freya Rodger’s very special Olympic journey.

Behind the Scenes of La Course with OricaAIS

Sportette is inside the OricaAIS camp for the Women’s Tour de France for a behind the scenes perspective on the race

Bronte Campbell – the Poet Uncaged

Underneath the goggles and cap lies a side of Bronte Campbell few people know about – the poet. Here she shares the poem she wrote to inspire the Australian Swim Team.

In Response To Your Complaint About Women in Sport…

When a letter of complaint about female sports reporters & presenters landed on Sportette Founder and Channel 9 Sports Presenter Sam Squiers’ desk she felt compelled to clarify a few things

Meet the Only Female Pilot in the Red Bull Air Race

Melanie Astles made history as the first female to compete in the Red Bull Air Race. She talks to Sportette about her climb to the top, setbacks along the way and her advice to all women.

Why We Need to Change the Language We Use for Women in Sport.

There’s a distinct language barrier that’s impeding equaity for women’s sports. What’s in a name? Well, actually a lot!

Finally a Commercial About Women in Sport That Gets It

A new campaign by Samsung calling for people to “Rethink Role Models” captures the essence of Women in Sport. Is this the best commercial ever made for Women in Sport?

7 Questions About Netball’s Landmark New Deal

It’s been hailed a landmark deal for women in sport and Sportette breaks down everything you need to know about the new National Netball League

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