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A New Road Ahead for Women’s Cycling

Should there be a women’s Tour de France…? What the UCI needs to do to ensure this event doesn’t go the way of previous attempts.

Traditions Outdated in Sport

Should the Washington Redskins change their name after being deemed racist? When traditions become outdated.

Underlining or Undermining Women Leaders in Sport

Two women are breaking down the glass ceiling but why we’re not about to break out the pom poms just yet.

Is Women Playing in Men’s Leagues a Step Forward?

Would having women compete in men’s leagues really be a good move for women’s sport? Is that how you win sport’s battle of the sexes?

Women to Wear Skirts Boxing?

The push from boxing’s international body to make it compulsory for women to wear skirts boxing. Their reasons are just as baffling as the subject itself!

No longer cheering for the NRL’s Cheerleaders

Let’s tell little girls they can hold up a World Cup not fill out a D-cup – why the NRL needs to get rid of cheerleaders.

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