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The Women Refereeing the Men

Meet the women refereeing the men. They’re breaking new ground in officiating and it could see one become the NRL’s first female referee.

Top Ten Moments for Women in Sport

They are the moments that inspired generations of female athletes, administrators, journalists and fans. Sportette provides our own list of the top ten moments for Women in Sport

Bounced Out of the Game

Abby Bishop quits Opals after Basketball Australia introduces new ‘parenting policy’

Game…5 Sets…Match

Why women should be playing 5 sets at Grand Slams but why tennis authorities aren’t keen for it to ever happen.

And What of the Current State of Women’s Pro Surfing?

Former Pro Surfer Cori Schumacher writes about the current state of women’s surfing and the current trends in social media marketing by today’s surfers.

Women of V8s

We meet the Women of V8s and the inroads they’re making in the traditionally male sport.

How Steph Got Her Groove Back

Sportette speaks one-on-one with Roxy Pro Champ Steph Gilmore about what it was that helped her out of the biggest form slump of her career.

Cyclist Dress Code

Yep, cycling does have a dress code and boy is it strict – so what if my socks are short! Sportette dissects the unwritten rules of cycle style.

A New Road Ahead for Women’s Cycling

Should there be a women’s Tour de France…? What the UCI needs to do to ensure this event doesn’t go the way of previous attempts.

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