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What Sport’s “Bubble Boys” Can Learn From Laura Geitz

Author Michael Blucher answers why there are no female athletes in “Bubble Boys” by explaining what Australia’s biggest sports stars can learn from Laura Geitz

Balancing Motherhood and Elite Cycling

Ruth Corset is the National Road Series champion but it’s motherhood that’s been the ride of her life. She tells us how she balances family, life and bikes.

Will Basketball Change its Parenting Policy?

Abby Bishop is back in the Opals squad after being forced out because of BA’s controversial policy. Will it change? We catch up with the star following an incredible year both on & off the court.

Swimming’s Daredevil Pioneer

She challenged men to races, would dive from heights in a burning bag, was a daredevil, an adrenalin junkie and the year was 1906. Meet Australian swimming pioneer Beatrice Kerr.

Does This Really Sell Netball?

Netball was trying to sell its ANZ Championships as tough but went about it the wrong way and it looked more like a domestic violence ad. There are better ways to promote toughness.

Katrina Gorry Living the Dream…a World Away From Here

Katrina Gorry is Asia’s best footballer but leads very different lives back home to abroad. When overseas she can live every female footballer’s dream.

She Rides – Ride Again

She Rides is a program that’s designed to provide women with the confidence & skills to ride again in an effort to encourage more women to get into riding.

Seen and Heard – It’s Time to Speak Up

Nothing will change unless something is said & action taken. Recent events show Women in Sport need to find their voice and be seen AND heard.

Diving with Danger – Feeling so Free

Christina Saenz de Santamaria is no daredevil, nor adrenalin junkie. She finds beauty in fear. One of the world’s leading freedivers she’s now taking it to a whole new level. No Limits Diving.

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