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Sam Squiers

Mansplaining Women in Sport

I look forward to the day where there’s no such thing as political correctness.
The day when people can speak their minds …

How the Indian Wells Boss Insulted Every Woman

Photo: Jimmy Baikovicius

You know what women want?
With respect, comes opportunity and equality.
Leaders need to show respect and earn it as well. …

What the Summer of Cricket Told Us About Women in Sport

1. People Watch Women’s Sports
Didn’t the Women’s Big Bash prove that! The WBBL pulled an average TV audience of 231,000 with …

Meet the Next Big Thing in Women’s Surfing

      As seen on Nine News

Ride in Style – Road-Testing Cipolla Cycling Kits

Cipolla Women’s Range
Bella Figura Kit …

Attention Golf Clubs! Women Are Your Secret to Survival

Photo: Full Frame Photographics

We’ve all heard the phrase…happy wife, happy life.
Now I’ll let you in on one that will improve your …

Are School Uniforms Holding Girls Back?

In playgrounds all over the country girls and boys behave very differently.
Boys will run, kick, jump and sweat it out with …

Meg and Anna Lanning the Sister Act of Women’s Cricket

Australian cricket history is littered with sibling stars: Ian, Greg and Trevor Chappell, Mark and Steve Waugh and Mitchell and Shaun …

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